She Decides Delaware

Planned Parenthood has joined She Decides Delaware – a coalition of diverse organizations and individuals working to protect the reproductive rights of Delaware women. Delaware currently has a law on the books from 1953 that limits and criminalizes abortion for both the doctor and the woman, standing in direct opposition to the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that affirms a woman’s constitutional right to terminate her pregnancy. The statute has not been enforced since this decision, but it still presents a serious threat: if Roe were to be overturned, it would again be part of Delaware law.

Considering the antagonism of the current White House and the U.S. Congress regarding reproductive health and the appointment of a strong opponent of abortion rights, it would be reckless for the state of Delaware to do nothing to protect Delaware women and their families. For this reason, She Decides Delaware aims to create a new law that would bring the state into compliance with federal constitutional standards and solidify the Delaware woman’s right to safe and legal abortion care.

You can find more information, updates, and the many ways to get involved at and the coalition’s Facebook page By educating and mobilizing ourselves, our communities, and local leaders, we can help decide the future of women’s rights in Delaware.