This Week’s Priority Reading

We are all being inundated by countless requests to “read this!” “look here!” so we’ve tried to make your life a little easier by picking the three top articles that you should make the time to read this week.

  1. Don’t Let Trump Exhaust You by Sady Doyle

    “We’re a little over a week in to the Trump administration, and we already have a fairly clear idea of how the man at the helm plans to handle his many critics: He’ll just exhaust them to death. Since his inauguration, Trump’s team has taken a “shock and awe” approach, signing executive orders as if they’re going out of style. So much horrible news has come down the pike—everything from a repeal of the ACA to the full-fledged humanitarian crisis that has emerged from Trump’s “Muslim ban”—that even keeping up with new developments, let alone forming an adequate response, can feel impossible.”

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  2. Senate Republicans Take the First Step to Defund Planned Parenthood by Hannah Levintova

    “In December, the Department of Health and Human Services finalized a rule that would prohibit states from withholding federal funds—including Title X family planning money—from Planned Parenthood. On Monday afternoon, a Republican senator introduced a bill that would reverse it, along with a second bill that would prohibit Planned Parenthood from receiving any federal funding—including Medicaid.”

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  3. What Trump’s Supreme Court nominee could mean for abortion by Olivia Becker

    “President Donald Trump fulfilled his promise of appointing a “pro-life” justice to the Supreme Court Tuesday with his nomination of 49-year-old conservative judge Neil Gorsuch.

    While Gorsuch has never ruled on an abortion case in his decade long tenure as a federal appellate judge in Colorado, his past record on issues related to birth control, religious freedom, and euthanasia suggest he’ll be a strong anti-abortion voice on the bench.”

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