Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Delaware Announces 2016 Endorsements

WILMINGTON, Delaware: Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Delaware has released their endorsements for the 2016 election.Endorsement is based on candidates’ support of reproductive rights, family planning, health equity, and age-appropriate sex education.

The advocacy fund endorsed thirty candidates, including Lisa Blunt Rochester for the U.S. House of Representatives, John Carney for Governor, Bethany Hall-Long for Lieutenant Governor, and Trinidad Navarro for Insurance Commissioner. Endorsed candidates must score at least 75% on their candidate survey.

Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Delaware is non-partisan. Since 1992, they have endorsed candidates based on a candidate survey focused on reproductive choice. But this year, their criteria has shifted.

“Reproductive rights are on the line this election in Delaware,” says Ruth Lytle-Barnaby, the President of Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Delaware. “There is a myth that because Delaware is a moderate state, we do not have work to do. That is simply not true. NARAL Pro-Choice America gave Delaware a C-minus rating for reproductive rights. We should be alarmed, and we should act.”

When asked about the organization’s policy agenda, Lytle-Barnaby responded, “Our agenda is to examine each of the areas that give Delaware a C-minus grade and address them through policy change and reproductive health legislation that eliminates additional burdens on women’s health providers and improves abortion access.”

Other priorities for the Advocacy Fund include addressing Delaware’s high teen pregnancy rates through access to contraception and education, aligning with other groups that address issues of poverty and its effect on the number and spacing of children, and building a movement of young people dedicated to reproductive rights.

“We need leaders who will protect and defend the health and rights of Delawareans,” concludes Lytle-Barnaby. “We are excited to work with these candidates who have demonstrated commitment to our cause.”

Statewide Endorsements

Lisa Blunt Rochester – Congress

John Carney- Governor

Bethany Hall-Long- Lieutenant Governor

Trinidad Navarro- Insurance Commissioner

State Senate Endorsements

Harris B. McDowell, III- District 1

Catherine L. Cloutier- District 5

Patricia M. Blevins- District 7

David P. Sokola- District 8

John Walsh- District 9

Nicole Poore- District 12

Bruce C. Ennis- District 14

State House of Representatives Endorsements

Helene M. Keeley- District 3

Debra J. Heffernan- District 6

Bryon H. Short- District 7

Robert C. Wilson- District 7

Peter C. Schwartzkopf- District 14

James Johnson- District 16

Kimberly Williams- District 19

Barbara W. Vaughn- District 20

Lanette Edwards- District 22

Paul S. Baumbach- District 23

Edward Osienski- District 24

John A. Kowalko, Jr. – District 25

Michael Nagorski- District 25

John J. Viola- District 26

Earl G. Jaques, Jr. – District 27

Charles Paradee, III- District 29

Sean M. Lynn- District 31

David Henderson- District 34

Paulette A. Rappa- District 37