Letter to Elected Officials from Women’s Action Group of Delaware


Dear Members of Delaware House & Senate, Governor Carney; and City of Wilmington Council:

We, the members of Women’s Action Group of Delaware, are writing to enlist your support for an issue we find of great importance and have grave concerns for its future. Reproductive Health and Reproductive Choice are cornerstone issues that influence the physical, psychological, spiritual, economic and social success of humankind. Research has demonstrated that the number of children one has, and the spacing of children, makes a substantial difference as to whether or not they and their family will live in poverty. This issue is so important to us that we are meeting regularly to strategize about our role in advocating for Reproductive Rights. Currently, with a new make-up of the Supreme Court, many reproductive rights are at risk, including overturning Roe, dismantling the Affordable Care Act, and defunding Planned Parenthood.

We understand that threatening any of these significantly impacts the economic well-being of the people of Delaware. We urge you to listen to the voices of the people of Delaware. We are telling you that we want your visible support for: Abortion Rights, Affordable Care Act, and Funding for Planned Parenthood. We will use our names, our money, our influence, and our networks to ensure this occurs. We invite you to join us because Reproductive Rights are Human Rights.


Sylvia Banks Carole Kirshner Laurisa Schutt
Marsha Borin Constance Kreshtool Meredith Seitz
Grandville Brown Tizzy Lockman Drew Sellers
Laura Coogan Mackler Ruth Lytle-Barnaby Sonia Schorr Sloan
Hon. Susan Del Pesco  Maria Matos Hon. Liane Sorenson
Rysheema Dixon Kathy McGuinesse Lauren CW Vella
Pam Foster Sally McBride Kim Von Weltin
Rev. Emily Gibson  Joanne Moore Meghan Wallace
Lynn Howard Suzanne Moore Natalie Wolf
Camilla Jones Cynthia Primo Martin Eugene Young