It’s Science: 5 Facts You Need to Know About Abortion by Liz Galst

In light of the recent marches for science on Earth Day, Planned Parenthood Action Fund reflects on the importance of understanding the scientific facts of abortion.

At the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, we also understand the dangers that come with misrepresenting science, flat-out lying about it, or promoting “alternative facts.” After all, extreme politicians who want to limit access to abortion, birth control, cancer screenings, and sex education have been trying to pass nonsense off as science for years.

Across the country, we’ve seen the terrible results, especially as it relates to abortion access. To clear things up, and to separate the propaganda from true scholarship, here are five “alternative facts” about abortion that demonstrate a true disregard for science, and five evidence-based facts that show just how important understanding and supporting science is.”

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